158 pages

By Cilla Robach (ed.)

SEK 195

Conceptual design is not a style. It is an approach, a critical approach. Design that challenges, that identifies and investigates problems, that asks questions - complicated questions that deal with current problems, stress, environmental degradation and integration. But design itself is also questioned. Can rats design a wallpaper pattern? Who has determined what is beautiful and ugly? Is there a “Swedish” design?

The Nationalmuseum focuses in on this contemporary phenomenon that has evolved in Sweden since the beginning of the millennium. To a large extent this is revolt against tradition by the young. Many objects are intended to provoke. They want to spur consumers’ thoughts about and interest in design. Readers encounter, for instance, clothes for shoplifters, a ceramic radio for elks, a vase for gammon, survival dress for the homeless and many thought-provoking designed objects.

This book was published in conjunction with the exhibition “Conceptual Design”, Nationalmuseum 28 October 2005 – 8 January 2006.


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