En alternativ guide till Nationalmuseum

En alternativ guide till Nationalmuseum
200 pages

By Solfrid Söderlind (ed.), Jan af Burén (ed.), Ingrid Lindell (ed.)

SEK 250

10 voices, 14 pairs of eyes; an alternative guide to the site, the building and the art of Nationalmuseum. This guidebook highlights the poetic dimensions of Nationalmuseum, inviting visitors to experience the museum through the eyes of a few carefully selected cultural personalities. Together, they form a disharmonious choir of voices that weave together, set off in separate directions and try to drown each other out, all at the same time.

Unlike traditional guidebooks, this one doesn't distinguish between right and wrong. "I usually tell myself that Nationalmuseum is a museum for contemporary art. I don't ever want to be in doubt about that. Because, if it is indeed the spectator who makes the art, or at least brings it to life, then there is nothing but contemporary art..." - Peter Cornell.


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