Zorn - A Swedish Superstar

Zorn - A Swedish Superstar

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Carl-Johan Olsson (red.)

Nationalmusei utställningskatalog, 687
ISBN: 9789171009067
Soft cover: 175 pages
Published: 2021
Language: eng
Anders Zorn's life and career are almost unparalleled in Swedish art history. From his childhood home in rural Dalecarlia, Zorn made his way out into the world with an uncanny ability to suddenly find himself at the heart of a variety of spheres of power and influence - from the financial elite in the US, to the cultural elite in Paris and London's high society. Admired for his technical brilliance, he navigated the different spheres with great social skill and became a success story on both sides of the Atlantic. As a person, Zorn was a fascinating combination of citizen of the world and custodian of local tradition, and as an artist he divided his time between cosmopolitan elegance and rural simplicity. In this comprehensive and richly illustrated presentation of his work, we meet Anders Zorn in all his guises.