Alexander Roslin (english)

Alexander Roslin (english)

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Magnus Olausson (red.), Eva-Lena Karlsson (red.)

Nationalmusei utställningskatalog, 652
ISBN: 9789171007728
Hard cover: 288 pages
Published: 2007
Language: eng

Alexander Roslin is possibly the most internationally renowned Swedish artist ever. Technical ingenuity, sensitivity to trends, and good social skills are a few of the secrets behind his success. In many of his best portraits Roslin manages to capture the extravagant taste in fashion of the time, along with the personality of his models. The catalogue's abundance of essays and reproductions not only gives an extensive presentation of the artist's works but also puts them in ideological and cultural perspective. This is the first book to present Alexander Roslin to an international readership in English.

Authors: Pierre Arizzoli-Clémentel, Eva-Lena Bengtsson, Carolina Brown, Margareta Gynning, Melissa Hyde, Eva-Lena Karlsson, Merit Laine, Sabrina Norlander Eliasson, Magnus Olausson, Lena Rangström, Xavier Salmon, Karin Sidén and Solfrid Söderlind

This book was published in conjunction with the exhibition ”Alexander Roslin”, Nationalmuseum 26 September 2007 – 13 January 2008 and Château de Versailles outside Paris 18 February – 18 May 2008.