Svenskt silver 1500-1850

Svenskt silver 1500-1850

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Lisa Skogh (red.), Sofia Rudling Silverstolpe (red.), Frédéric Elfver (red.)

Nationalmuseums katalog över konsthantverk och design, 1
ISBN: 9789171008107
Hard cover: 328 pages
Published: 2009
Language: swe

This is the first volume of a new series of catalogues of the Nationalmuseum’s extensive collections of applied art, design and industrial design. Initially its silver collections will be presented in three volumes: Swedish Silver 1500-1850, European Silver 1500-1850 and Swedish and European Silver 1850-2008. This catalogue series will then be followed by publications on the Nationalmuseum’s even larger ceramic collections.

The silver catalogues present new research on the identification, provenance and exhibition history of the objects as well as bibliographical references. They also offer previously unpublished information on the numismatic material used in the decoration of some of the objects. The volumes are extensively illustrated with new photographs of the works including details and stamps. The first catalogue begins with introductory essays in which the objects are placed in their artistic and museological context.