Carl Larsson (eng)

Carl Larsson (eng)

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Torsten Gunnarsson

De stora mästarna, 652
ISBN: 9789171008046
Hard cover: 112 pages
Published: 2008
Language: eng

Carl Larsson (1853-1919) is Sweden's best-known artist - to this day, his timeless art attracts a large audience. Larsson was incredibly versatile, working in every branch of art. Drawing on the Nationalmuseum's large collection of his work, this book by Torsten Gunnarsson presents a selection of the artist's world-renowned open-air paintings and family scenes, but also covers less familiar aspects of his output. A large number of high-quality reproductions of Larsson's popular works are included, among them the famous images from his home at Sundborn in Dalarna.

The Great Masters is a series of art books which, on the basis of the Nationalmuseum's rich collections, introduces readers to some of Sweden's best-known artists of all time. Earlier titles in the series (in Swedish) are: Carl Fredrik Hill by Karin Sidén, Ernst Josephson by Ulf Abel, Anders Zorn by Birgitta Sandström, Bruno Liljefors by Allan Ellenius, and Alexander Roslin by Magnus Olausson.