Anders Zorn

Anders Zorn

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Birgitta Sandström

De stora mästarna
ISBN: 9171007008
Hard cover: 96 pages
Published: 2005
Language: swe

Anders Zorn's career in art has many unique aspects. He was the illegitimate son of a poor girl from Mora and a German brewer from Würzburg and he made a remarkable social ascent. Zorn was very conscious of his origins and was remarkable in his capacity for making social adjustments. He was equally at home speaking Mora dialect with local farmers or fluent English to the upper classes in the White House. As a painter he is known for his ability to portray reflections on water as well as his skill as a colourist and his portrayal of movement. Yet it was as a portrait painter that Zorn established an international reputation. In this book we follow Anders Zorn's remarkable artistic career that began and ended in the little town of Mora.