Italian Drawings III

Italian Drawings III

From the collection of Giorgio Vasari

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Per Bjurström

Drawings in Swedish public collections, 7
ISBN: 9171006265
Hard cover: 124 pages
Published: 2001
Language: eng
This is the seventh volume in the series Drawings in Swedish Public Collections and the third devoted to Italian drawings.
It is primarily concerned with a collection of 83 drawings from the 15th century emanating, partly or wholly, from the famous collection which was built up by Giorgio Vasari during the decades round about the mid-16th century and which came to Nationalmuseum through Pierre Crozat and Carl Gustaf Tessin. Although a great deal has been published about it, much of this material has given rise to a century of perplexity and dispute. By reason of its beauty and the complexity of its historical role, the collection occupies a position all of its own among the treasures of Nationalmuseum.