Trademarks, Logotypes and Symbols

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Lena Holger (red.), Ingalill Holmberg (red.)

Nationalmusei utställningskatalog
ISBN: 9171006591
Hard cover: 270 pages
Published: 2002
Language: eng
The history surrounding logotypes provides a basis for our understanding of the ways in which artists and designers interpret the world around them. Trademarks have, as a concept, attracted broader multidisciplinary interest and have served as the starting point for hypotheses and analyses in disparate disciplines. They not only set their stamp on our patterns of consumption but also affect our personal identities and the entire community.

The creations of corporate identities and strategic design have become increasingly frequent among companies. In the book Identity - Trademarks, Logotypes and Symbols its editors have gathered the works of 26 writers who focus on various aspects of the subject. In it, for instance, trademarks arre described from a legal, economic and social perspective and at the same time the history and design of trademarks is dealt with, together with their aesthetic qualitites and the interaction between commerce and art.

Authors: Ivar Björkman, Edward Blom, Marie-Louise Bowallius, Hans Henrik Brummer, Markus Ejenäs, Johan Eriksson, Magdalena Gram, Olle Granath, Mary Jo Hatch, Lena Holger, Ingalill Holmberg, Johan Hvenmark, Håkan Jönsson, Torsten Lilja, Jan Löwstedt, Frans Melin, Per Mollerup, Per Jonas Nordell, Göran Rossling, Miriam Salzer-Mörling, Martin Schibli, Majken Schultz, Magnus Söderlund, Lars Strannegård, Michael Toivio, Mats Urde, Filip Wijkström and Mats Wiman.
This book was published in conjunction with the exhibition “Identity: Trademarks, logotypes and symbols”, Nationalmuseum 21 February – 11 August 2002.