Art Bulletin Volume 23

Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum is published annually and contains articles on the history and theory of art regarding the Museum’s acquisitions and collections. The Art Bulletin authors are mainly active at the Nationalmuseum.

The Art Bulletin was originally a printed publication but since 2014 it is a free digital resource, available online. Developing the Art Bulletin into a digital publication is a part of Nationalmuseum’s efforts to promote Open Access and the free access to scientific information.

The Art Bulletin is available free of charge and uses DiVA* as a publication platform but can easily be downloaded from this web page.

* DiVA - Academic Archive On-line, is a publishing system for research and student theses and a digital archive for long - term preservation of publications.

Editorial Committee: Janna Herder, Linda Hinners, Merit Laine, Lena Munther, Magnus Olausson, Martin Olin, Maria Perers and Lidia Westerberg Olofsson

Editors: Ludvig Florén and Magnus Olausson

ISSN: 2001-9238

Download Art Bulletin Volume 23
(high resolution)

Download Art Bulletin Volume 23
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