The Little Birds' Art Tour! (Arabic)

The Little Birds' Art Tour! (Arabic)

An art book for children and curious grown-ups!

245 kr

Lägg i kundkorgen

Gunilla Halkjaer Olofsson (red.)

ISBN: 9789171008961
Inbunden: 121 sidor
Utgiven: 2020
Language: Arabic

In this book you will find paintings, sculptures and extraordinary objects, as well as something as ordinary as a dish brush.
The Little Birds' Art Tour! takes in works of art from the Nationalmuseum collections, ranging from the very old to the modern. They are arranged in six chapters based on a magical formula of Latin words.
These words bring to light some of the useful skills we need when we enter the world of art:

Curiosa - curiosity
Oculus - vision
Intellectus - thought
Sensibus - senses and emotions
Scientia - science
Fabrica - materials

Joining us on our art tour we have a couple of cheeky birds, drawn by the illustrator, Stina Wirsen. With plenty of pictures along the way, this tour is bound to be a treat for our eyes and our imagination!