Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum Volumes 24–25

The Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum is published annually and contains articles on the history and theory of art relating to the collections of the Nationalmuseum. The content of this double issue primarily reflects the extensive acquisitions during the years 2017 and 2018.

The first part of the Art Bulletin contains a series of in-depth studies on the most significant acquisitions in the form of scientific articles. The second part consists of an account of all, over a thousand, purchases and donations during 2017 and 2018. At the end there is also an account of the scientific activities of the staff.

The Art Bulletin is usually published annually. The intensive work during the reopening year 2018 did not allow any publication. Therefore volumes 24-25 is a double issue.

The Friends of the Nationalmuseum is the major contributor to the extensive acquisitions, in addition to the Wiros Foundation and the museum’s own foundations. The Friends of the Nationalmuseum have also financed the publication of this double issue.

Editorial Committee: Ludvig Florén, Carina Fryklund, Eva Lena Karlsson, Audrey Lebioda, Ingrid Lindell, Magnus Olausson, Martin Olin, Cilla Robach and Lidia Westerberg Olofsson

Editors: Ludvig Florén, Magnus Olausson and Martin Olin

ISSN: 2001-9238

Download Art Bulletin Volumes 24-25
(high resolution pdf)

Download Art Bulletin Volumes 24-25
(low resolution pdf)