Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum, Volume 26:2

The Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum is a journal that focuses on the history and theory of art, and is published in English. Volume 26 was produced in two issues. Just like the first part, this second issue of the Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum (vol. 26:2) reflects a busy year of acquisitions, but its contents are more diverse – from paintings by Old Masters to contemporary design.

In addition to the acquisitions the opening of Gustavsbergs Porslinsmuseum, which is an important part of Nationalmuseum’s design collections, is reflected in this second issue. So is also the Tessin Lecture, in 2019 given by Anna Ottani Cavina, Professor Emerita of Art History at the University of Bologna. The second issue also presents all the acquisitions made in 2019, often with a short commentary. As usual, everything is richly illustrated. The staff’s scholarly activities are presented at the end.

The content of these two issues makes it clear that, in addition to the Wiros Fund and the museum’s own foundations, the Friends of Nationalmuseum is the major contributor to these rich acquisitions. They have also paid for the publication of the two issues that constitute Volume 26.

Editorial Committee: Ludvig Florén, Carina Fryklund, Eva Lena Karlsson, Ingrid Lindell, Magnus Olausson, Martin Olin, Daniel Prytz and Cilla Robach

Editors: Ludvig Florén, Magnus Olausson och Martin Olin

ISSN: 2001-9238

Download Art Bulletin Volumes 26:2
(high resolution pdf)

Download Art Bulletin Volumes 26:2
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